Submission Guidelines

YJHM welcomes submissions for publication from doctors, nurses, patients, family members, and others interested in the humanities and medicine. We welcome poetry, essays, and arts reviews with some flexibility in those categories. Please familiarize yourself with the journal and read the entirety of this page before submitting so that you can be sure to follow the stated requirements. If your submission is not in accordance with these guidelines, it will not be considered.


We accept submissions only during specified reading periods. Please subscribe to our journal so that you can be notified of the next submissions period. While we will continue to publish accepted works year-round, any works submitted outside of a designated reading period will remain unread. 

Thank you for your continued support.


All submissions (reviews, essays, stories, poetry, etc.) should be Emailed. Please keep in mind that YJHM is an online humanities journal, and full-length scholarly articles with many footnotes may not be best suited for our readers. Though there is no specific word limit, we tend to prefer shorter pieces that our readers can get through in one sitting. Please send no more than one prose or review submission at a time; poetry submisisons may include up to three poems.

Along with your submission, please include a brief publication-ready bio and photo of yourself . We will include these with your work if published; please indicate if you do not want them included. If you have previously published in our journal and would like us to use your old bio and photography, please include a link to that page with your submission. An Email address will be published with your piece; if you would like to use a different Email address than the one you send from, please notify us of that fact. We also ask that you subscribe to the journal so that you can be notified when/if your piece is published and also be able to keep up with the other work that goes up on YJHM.

We will review your submissions as quickly as possible, usually within a month, and get back to you by email with our decision and any suggested revisions. We ask that you DO NOT INQUIRE about the status of your piece UNTIL AT LEAST THREE MONTHS AFTER your submission (or most recent communication) due to the high volume of material we receive. You may not receive a confirmation of receipt of submission. Please be patient with our small team of volunteers; we appreciate your adhering to this request. Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment for publication. If accepted, we may make small edits to spelling, punctuation, and grammar, or we may ask about making larger changes. Having a small volunteer staff also means that we will not be able to offer feedback on every submitted piece.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please inform us of that fact. You are welcome to withdraw your submission at any time prior to receiving either notification of acceptance or edits from our staff. Upon publication, you retain rights to your piece, but we ask that you cite appearance in our journal with any future uses of the work.

If your work is not accepted, please note that we welcome further submissions, though not for at least six months after you are informed of our decision. Use this time to craft your next piece and become more familiar with the work that we publish. 

Of note, we also accept submissions for the YJHM blog. The blog is a spot for political, educational, or other commentary on  the current state of affairs in medicine. We welcome informal submissions that otherwise might not fit the categories of YJHM homepage. Please Email with blog submissions and indicate that the piece is intended for our blog.

Thank you for your interest in YJHM.