Tracey Gratch

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Two decades I’d been scoped and probed for flecks
of shrapnel in a combat zone. Practiced,

they would wend, and know. Statistically,
the odds were high – an epithelial
surprise – pathology reports don’t lie.

And then the call – with skill and care they’ll cut
and paste and put the pieces in a jar,
send me off with just a scar and one
small bag to hold my things, until I’m back
(after a brief reprieve) to be configured

once again. We’ll call a truce, sign peace
accords and hope for calm to grace these battered
shores. Oh, I’ll endure, I’ll be okay –
I’m lucky, at least I look at it that way.



About the Author

  • Photo of Daniel BeckerTracey Gratch lives in Quincy, MA with her husband and their four young children. Her poems have appeared in online and print publications including, Mezzo Cammin, Soundzine, Snakeskin, The Poetry Porch Sonnet Scroll, Lucid Rhythms, Loch Raven Review, The Flea, Annals of Internal Medicine, Boston Literary Magazine, Victorian Violet Press Journal  and The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine. She also has a poem in a recent anthology of science poetry.






    Published: June 19 , 2012