Driving to Boston

Kyle Potvin

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Cancer is behind me.
Seated in the passenger seat
of a silver Honda a car-length back,
there is a young woman
wearing a woolen cap
despite the mild fall weather.

Slowed by rush hour traffic,
I study her in the rearview
mirror.  She sits beside a man,
presumably her husband.
They don’t talk and yet
I hear them worrying.

I keep them in my sights
at all times, even as traffic
begins to move into this city
I’ve come to know so well.
Somehow, it is very important
their car does not overtake me.


About the Author

  • Photo of Daniel Becker

    Kyle Potvin’s poetry has appeared in print and online publications including MeasureTygerburning Literary Journal, The Mom EggJAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), Literary MamaBlue Unicorn, AlimentumThe Barefoot Muse, and The New York Times’ “Well” blog.  She was named a finalist for the 2008 Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award and her chapbook, “Sound Travels on Water,” will be available from Finishing Line Press in September 2012.  Kyle is principal of a public relations firm and co-founder of The Prickly Pear Poetry Project: Processing the Cancer Experience Through Poetry.  She is on the Board of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire and helps coordinate the Robert Frost Farm's Hyla Brook Reading Series (Derry, NH).  She lives in New Hampshire.




    Published: September 28, 2012